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I have a total of 7 Bibles: 4 on my phone and 3 on my iPad. Another few online versions. I could download all the electronic Bibles for free. And you?

However, there are places where the Bible in the local language is still unavailable because it costs a fortune and people dream of having at least one Bible per family, but they cannot afford it. These include, for example, rural regions of Ethiopia, Kenya and Sudan, where instead of cash, there is trade in goods, e.g. eggs for milk. It comes to the point that in churches with e.g. 200 followers, there are on average 1-2 Bibles available.

The cost of one locally printed Bible, including delivery, is approximately EUR 7. For us it's not much, but for them it's a huge amount.

In Ethiopia alone there are 200,000 Adventists, or an average of about 50,000 families. In order for each of these families to have their own Bible, approximately 50,000 Bibles are needed, not to mention each person has their own copy. Let's help them!

Currently (as of Feb. 15, 2024) we have managed to donate funds for 1907 of 50000 needed Bibles! Will you join us?

Dom mieszkalny 2.jpeg

Luxury Family Home

A multi-generational family of 2 to 10 people usually lives in such a house

Local Adventist Church

This is what one of the church buildings and the pastor of this church look like.

Compare with churches available in your country!

Pastor w wiosce 2.jpeg

Bibles From Us :)

These are photos of Bibles purchased so far thanks to our efforts. A total of at least 50,000 pieces are required. The cost of 1 piece is only about EUR 7.

Will you contribute?


100% of the donations received will be donated to the East-Central Africa Division of the Seventh-day Adventist Church based in Kenya to purchase Bibles for believers in Ethiopia, Kenya and surrounding countries.

We send all funds gathered  to date monthly, around 15th of the month, and then we update the counter above. 


IBAN:  PL89105013151000002273878757

Recepient: Diecezja Poludniowa Kosciola Adwentystow

Street: Lubelska 25

ZIP: 30-003

City: Krakow

Country: Poland


Transfer subject: Bibles For Africa

Bank address: ING Bank Slaski S.A. , ul. Sokolska 34, 40-086 Katowice, Poland

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